We use state-of-the-art technologies to create innovative problem specific solutions.
Accurate Technologies was established in 1989 to satisfy the need for a high technology/service oriented business focusing on designing, installing and troubleshooting alarm systems. We provide this high technology resource, firmly focused on this area where it is unreasonable to expect an electronics company to match our technological expertise. Our business has grown because we have demonstrated to our clients that adequate skill applied in a timely manner will resolve the problem at the lowest cost.

We offer a variety of services:
  • Complete Systems Troubleshooting of Alarm Systems, Access Control, CCTV....
    Complete system troubleshooting including taking remedial action and implementing improvements to avoid future problems.

  • Systems Design, Tailored to Your Needs
    We have the experience with everything from DoD sites with UL certified Command Centers and Vaults, to school systems, to International Airports and commercial facilities.

  • Consulting on Specific Implementation Problems
    Accurate Technologies guarantees that our experts can find a reasonably priced solution to the needs your specific system implementation.

  • Sales and Service of System Equipment
    The product lines we install and service are the
    latest state-of-art technologies.
We're confident that we can answer even the most difficult security related questions, and give you a solution that will have the lowest cost impact on your organization.

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