Darkweb Monitoring

CybersecurityPowering Identity Intelligence

The traditional approach to building a virtual wall to protect data cannot be counted on. That’s why tens of thousands of “secure” networks are compromised every day. By going where hackers buy, sell, trade and dump data, AccuTech provides a layer of protection never before available.

AccuTech scans surface, deep and dark web sources for stolen, leaked or lost login credentials and other personally identifiable information (PII). With team and technology, AccuTech indexes billions of identity records exposed in hacked and dumped breach corpuses across the world.

As breach hunting pioneers, the AccuTech intelligence team has spent years developing tools and techniques to both continuously crawl and manually access:

  • VERY RESTRICTED FORUMS – These can be joined after a vetting process or by special invitation. These forums are transient, they often close, reopen, disappear and are reconstituted. Some are global while others are regional, using a specific language and local slang.
  • SEMI-RESTRICTED FORUMS – These are also transient and found both in Tor networks and the surface web.
  • TOR AND I2P NETWORKS – The Tor Network fluctuates between 25k-60k sites, many of which come and go.
  • P2P NETWORKS containing millions of live torrents or files.
  • SURFACE WEB DIRECTORIES leaking identity data.

AccuTech automatically scans open and exposed data repositories daily:

  • Open MONGODB with no authentication or access controls.
  • Live CLOUD SHARING sites like Mega, Google Drive and OneDrive.

The AccuTech breach team monitors thousands of actors on Twitter, Discord, Live Torrents, and other social media chat rooms / (IRS/Jabber)who actively engage in chatter about breaches and exposed PII.

Finally, a significant portion of data is provided by private sources or from breaches and leaks not commonly known or available from any other vendors or underground forums, discovered for the first time by the AccuTech breach hunting team, or shared by underground actors to only AccuTech. AccuTech does not buy data.

As a result, AccuTech has built the world’s largest and most accurate datalake of exposed identities – the AccuTech Deep Dive – that includes cryptocurrency wallets and addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, passwords, credit card numbers, CVVs, social security numbers, birthdays, drivers licenses and other identity attributes.

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