Securitron's Touch Sense Bar

Unique Touch Sensitive Exit Bar For Use With Magnetic Locks


On magnetically locked, non fire-rated doors, most building codes require an exit device that does not require any special tools or knowledge. Securitron's patented Touch Sense Bar is the perfect device for this requirement. The simple act of touching the bar (even through gloves or clothing) trips an electronic sensor which immediately releases the lock.

The Touch Sense Bar is the ultimate in egress reliability and safety. Having no moving parts, it does not suffer mechanical wear and no pressure is required for use which provides superior egress safety for frail or disabled persons.

Easy Installation On Any Door

The TSB-3 comes complete with fastener sets allowing quick and strong installation on metal, aluminum-framed glass or wood doors of all types. A stainless steel door cord is also supplied to route wiring (16 ft. cable supplied) from bar to the door frame. With a hoolow door frame, the wiring can be concealed or it can be surface run in pipe if the door frame is filled. The Touch Sense Bar is offered in three standard dooor opening widths (36", 42" and 48"). For a non-standard opening width, the unit can be easily cut down in the field.

TSB Series

Meets "No Tools or Knowledge" Code Requirement

Integration With Access Control

Many applications call for controlled entry from the outside of the door and free egress from the inside. Use of the Touch Bar as the egress device makes this simple, safe and reliable, The TSB has a double pole relay output. The NC contacts are wired to directly break power to the magnetic lock when the bar is touched. The NO contacts connect to the REX (request to exit) terminals in the access system controller so that no alarm event is created during free egress. Extra safety is achieved because in the event of a failure in the access control system, the Touch Bar will still directly release the lock.

Redundant Operation

While the Touch Bar features no-moving-parts electronic reliability, it goes beyond by providing a second independent release circuit. A push button provides backup lock release function in the event of any sensor failure. This fits into the modern safety engineering concept of eliminating the possibility of funtional failure if any single device fails. It's another example of the careful thought and concern for user safety that has gone into the design of the Touch Sense Bar.

UL Listed Systems

Where egress safety is at issue, it helps to know that Securitron egress systems built around the Touch Sense Bar have been tested and listed by Underwriter's Laboratories. The first system is called "XP-1".

This consists of a Touch Bar and any 32 or 62 series Magnalock, with both being operated by a Securitron BPS series power supply. This system is listed by UL as a releasing device. It provides immediate free egress on any door and is generally integrated with controlled entry means such as a card reader or digital keypad.

The second system is called "EXD-1" and this provides delayed exit under NFPA-101.

In addition, the TSB-3 Series is a UL Recognized stand alone component for use with any electromagnetic lock. This makes the TSB-3 series the perfect retrofit solution for existing electromagnetic lock installations, no matter what brand lock it is.

Techinical Data

Power:            12-24 volt AC or DC

Current Drawn:    5mA at rest, 25mA active

Contacts:         DPST (NC & NO) 1 Amp at 24 volts

Wire:             6 conductor, 22 gauge, 16 ft. provided

Finishes:         Clear anodized (US 628), Black anodized (US 335)

The Touch Sense Bar is covered under U.S. Patents #4,871,204. It is UL Recognized for use with any electromagnetic lock. It is UL Listed as a part of Securitron's locking systems for exit doors. The two listings cover, respectively, immediate and delayed egress.

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