ID3D HandKey

Hand Identify Verifier

Biometric identification is the automatic assessment of a unique body feature or personal action. Biometric systems are supperior because they provide a nontransferable means of identifying people not just cards or badges.

The ID3D HandKey uses the uniqueness of three dimensional hand geometry to control access to your valued resources. And it does it better than any other biometric system. Results of independent field tests show that the ID3D has the best overall performance and user acceptance of any biometric.

Fits Well into Any System

Stand Alone System

The ID3D-R HandKey can operate as a complete stand-alone access control station. Door lock operation and alarm monitoring of the door status is provided. An external alarm circuit is included for operating an audio or visual alarm. The HandKey has a COM port for data logging door activity. The Door functions can be operated directly by the HandKey or through a 3rd party panel.

Networked System

HandKeys can be used in simple network of up to 32 readers. Interconnections are made by a single RS-485 twisted pair. Each of the HandKeys can control the door lock and monitor the door switch. All enrollments are accomplished at the designated Master HandKey. All system activity is transmitted to the Master and can be logged on a serial printer connected to the Master.

HandNet Master System

The addition of a PC Host and HandNet software provides you with the capability to network multiple HandKeys into a centrally controlled access control system with simple but sophisticated data recording and reporting capability. The system is operated by selecting the desired operation from straightforward on-screen menus. Use of PC-based software provides an upwardly compatible platform for future expansion.

3rd Party System Interface

The HandKey can easily be integrated into 3rd party access control systems, such as Monitor Dynamics, using it's card reader emulation output. All Wiegand, proximity and mag stripe formats can be accommodated. No modifications are needed to the 3rd party system. The HandKeys are interconnected with single RS-485 twisted pair for hand data transfer.

Advantages of ID3D HandKey

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