NOTE: MDI has changed their name to Ultrak

MDI Video Integration System

Live Video with Stored Image Comparison
  • Visual access control is a reality with SAFEnet VIP 1000. Upon card presentation, an operator may view the person through a CCTV camera. At the press of a single keystroke, the stored image of the cardholder as overlaid on the screen.
Stored Video
  • SAFEnet VIP 1000 video mapping allows the operator to capture and store a video image, overlay text and designate other alarm point information. Upon alarm, the actual stored image will be recalled automatically as the alarm map by the operator with a single keystroke.
CCTV Integration
  • SAFEnet VIP 1000 can electronically activate cameras to view an alarm through the CPU monitor. As part of alarm processing, input from a CCTV camera can be displayed on the screen. The operator may view the area, digitally zoom and pan, even freeze and record the picture...all through the SAFEnet VIP 1000 intregrated video imaging system.

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