NOTE: MDI has changed their name to Ultrak

MDI Video Badging System

  • A standard SAFEnet system provides over 50 fields of cardholder information. SAFEnet VIP 1000 provides all thecardholder information power of SAFEnet with the addition of digital images attached to the file. MDI uses advanced compression techniques to reduce storage space dramatically while still retrieving cardholder images within a blink of an eye, without sacrificing image quality. The best of all worlds is delivered with the SAFEnet VIP 1000 integrated video imaging option.
  • Image capture is a point-and-shoot process. Simply set the subject in front of the camera, press a key, and the image is captured. A synchronized flash fires on image capture, and the chroma-key option automatically removes the background from the subject. The result is a perfectly lit image of the cardholder,ready for use. New images can be taken at any time, replacing outdated or undesired images immediately.
  • Dozens of badge formats can be created, each incorporating background artwork, text, and software controlled image overlays. It's also easy to assign cardholders new formats, andto view the completed badge on the screen before - or even after - printing.
  • SAFEnet VIP 1000 makes it easy to create a "perfect badge". The badge configuration program is completely object-oriented, with graphical "drag-and-drop" placement of badge information. Powerful text control features include automatic text scaling and support for Adobe fonts. Completed badges print directly on the PVC card, ready to use, eliminating the need for die cutting or lamination.

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