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ecurity Computerized building protection is most critical during non-working hours. If employees are not present to protect assets and information, a well designed, integrated security system will perform the function flawlessly. SAFEnet Systems easily integrate with all commercially available intrusion detection devices and accessories. The wide range of methods to control the access/secure modes include IDPIN pads, card readers and central station overrides.
ccess Electronic door hardware provides many advantages over standard lock and key door hardware. Electronic passkeys, cards, and PIN codes cannot be duplicated. Their usage can be recorded, specific to time, place, and user. The SAFEnet access control system utilizes each hardware technology (magnetic stripe, proximity reader, Wiegand reader, etc.) to its fullest potential, and MDI's tailing assures consumers the optimum alternatives in access control.
ire MDI includes fire monitoring in the integrated MDI SAFEnet Systems. Commercially available fire detection technology is fully compatible with MDI software. The SAFEnet System holds listings under UL 864 andUL 1076, plus approvals under NFPA 71 and 72D and Factory Mutual for fire.
nergy The SAFEnet Central Processing Unit (CPU) can control lighting, heating and cooling systems automatically, based on building occupancy. This computerized control saves the time and trouble of manual regulation, and minimizes utility bills.

Regulatory Approvals
  • UL 294 - Access Control
  • NFPA 71 - Central Station
  • NFPA 72D - Proprietary Fire
  • Factory Mutual - Fire
  • DIAM50-3 - Department of Defense (DoD)
  • FCC - Part 15 and 68




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Last Updated: 16 May 2007
MDI Security Suite

MDI Security Suite gives security professionals comprehensive and integrated tools to more effectively and efficiently do their jobs.

Small Business

MDI is known for its technologically advanced solutions.

MDI Security Suite (formerly SAFEnet) is an integrated security management system designed for easy control and administration of complex, large-scale, multi-site security management requirements.

Full integration
MDI Security Suite incorporates security access control, alarm management, video badging, personnel administration, video and audio monitoring and recording, all into a seamlessly integrated platform.

Ease of use
The MDI Security Suite software package incorporates an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) with simple point-and-click database editing and system monitoring controls.

Familiarity and compatibility
MDI Security Suite utilizes the power and security of Microsoft® Windows® 2000™. The system's operational database, Microsoft® SQL Server, provides complete SQL structures, functions and report generation. It offers the most flexible yet simple-to-use relational database features while providing standard ODBC interface capabilities for easy data importing and exporting with external third-party systems.

Designed for large-scale management
The Batch Editor enables users to make bulk database changes. It eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual editing of large numbers of records, without requiring the user to learn the SQL programming language.

Adjusts to your organization
The Card Editor supports updates to custom selection lists even while editing, allows user record recycling, and accommodates unique requirements on PIN numbers and special fields such as Social Security Numbers.

The Badging System supports badge receipts, support for pre-canned badge print reasons with logging, and support for Wanted Posters.

Visitor control keeps you in charge of your facility while keeping it fully open to do business.

The system can be configured to provide simple local access control and alarm monitoring, or it can be expanded to meet the high security needs of mission critical applications on wide area networks.

MDI Security Suite can be configured for single-user or multi-user systems with full-featured operator workstations on commercially available LAN/WAN backbones.

The modular design and scalable architecture is configured for security management systems ranging from medium sized facilities to large-scale multi-site high-end security applications.

  System Drawings
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  System Information
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System Capacities
Cardholders more than one million
Cardholder data fields unlimited
Card Classes 64,000 (up to 256 per ACS account)
Access Levels 999 levels
Access Control System (ACS) Accounts or Regions 250
Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Accounts or Sites more than 4000
Shifts 16 per card class
Calendars 1 per account
Schedules 8 per account
Time Events 64 per schedule
Holidays Unlimited
Readers Up to 16,384
Alarm Inputs 65,000
Control Outputs more than 65,000
Subscribers 99 per account
Dispatch Files 32,000
Command Files 32,000
Host Software
Operating System

Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or
Windows NT® 4.0 (Service Pack 6)

Database Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Network Compatibility TCP/IP Ethernet
Workstations 255 (30 on-line alarm monitoring)
Servers 64
Redundant Servers 6 - 2 per server type
(SQL server,
NT/Domain server,
Applications Server)
Printers 2 per workstation
1 on-line logging
1 reporting
On-line History 1 million
Archived History 1 million
Alarm Management Unlimited linking to integrated graphical and video mapping
Log On/System Operators more than 32,000
Reports Integrated report writing utility
(unlimited with Crystal Reports™ option)
Help Screens Standard on-line
Standard Features
Anti-PassBack Standard
Two-man Rule Standard
Card Encoding Standard on-line (magnetic stripe, proximity, bar code)
Access Control (ACS) Standard
Intrusion Detection (IDS) Standard
Alarm Management Standard
Graphics Maps Standard
Event Logging Standard
Management Reporting Standard
Foreign Language Support (Double-byte character sets such as Chinese, as well as single-byte character sets such as English, French, Spanish German)
Database Import/Export Standard
Batch Editing Standard
User-definable Card Editor Screens Standard
Integration Options
Video Badging

Elevator Control
   Floors per Cab: 64
   Cabs per Group: 8
   Groups per System: 1024

Visitor Administration
Video Management System (CCTV serial interface)
Guard Tour
Personnel Security Applications (Personnel security, parking, document, contracts control)
Computer High-end Pentium Class PC
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000
Database Microsoft SQL Server
Communications TCP/IP to Server
Redundant Servers Optional
Multiple Servers Optional
Workstation Quantity Maximum 255 workstations (Standard or Badging) per System
Local Controllers (NLC) Quantity 64
Computer High-end Pentium Class PC
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000
Communications TCP/IP to Server
Quantity Maximum 255 workstations (Standard or Badging) per System
Badging Workstation
Computer High-end Pentium Class PC
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000
Communications TCP/IP to Server
Quantity Maximum 255 workstations (Standard or Badging) per System
Badging Specific Components

The Badging Workstation is a standard Client in the Client/Server architecture with additional components necessary to create & produce Photo ID Badges.

Additional hardware includes a capture card, camera and photo printer.

System Components
Click on a component below to display detailed information about that component.

Field Control Panel Hardware
Network Local Controller and Comm Boards (NLC/COMM)
Dual Door Controller (DDC)
Alarm Zone Controller (AZC)
Output Relay Controller (ORC)
Arming Control Unit 7 (ACU-7)
Access Control Terminal (ACT-430)