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MDI ACT - Access Control Terminal

The ACT series of reader terminals are fully self contained access control monitoring stations. The door locking mechanism, the balanced magnetic contact, or other detection device, and the request to exit (REX) push button are all wired directly into the ACT reader terminal. Wiring door devices directly into the reader terminal and running only two wire RS-485 multi-drop back to the controller lowers installation costs. Exit readers may also be used for an additional level of security or for anti-passback application. An ACT access terminal can be installed to control virtually any access point such as doors, gates, garage entries, and storage lockers.

Choose Your Technology
A myriad of ACT reader terminals translates into choices for the user. Ultrak/MDI offers both flush and surface mount housings, supporting both basic and optional features. Choose reader-only terminal, a keypad-only terminal, or a reader plus PIN (Personal Identification Number) terminal all with the option of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Weigand, magnetic stripe, proximity, and/or bar cide technologies are all available. With programmable control of PIN and card usage, the ACT reader terminal authorizes normal daytime access while automatically re-enabling for after-hours increase in security necessary in an unsupervised facility. Individual LCD vertical adjusting assures easy viewing of all displays and prompts for every user regardless of height or disability. Multiple keypad number display modes, from conventional to Rotational Plus, are enhancements to the ACT series.

Stand Alone
Fully self-contained access control stations, the ACT 2 and ACT 2002 series stand-alone terminals feature low cost single user programming capability with menu driven displays and alpha numeric keypad. The Act reader administrator is assigned a unique editor card and PIN for verification and programming access, allowing access control for 4000 cardholders. Executive offices, computer rooms, record storage areas, accounting offices, and R & D labs can all be cost-effective users of the ACT series.

ACT: On-Line And Ready
Remote Programming
The ACT 2 and ACT 2002 can be linked to a non dedicated, IBM compatible PC equipped with MS-DOS and ACTware application software. Under password control, the administrator can edit a file, then remotely access the ACT readers to download the change of upload history for report generation.

Dedicated CPU Interface
The ACT 3 and ACT 2003 emulate existing Weigand readers and cards for expanding or retrofitting existing systems, or for mixing card reader technologies. ACT 3 converts the existing device interface to a standard 26 bit Weigand electrical format, providing remote facility integration reducing operational costs, and increasing effective security services. ACT 4 and ACT 2004 reader terminals using state-of-the-art multi-drop RS485 protocol allow up to eight reader terminals to communicate on a single line. The premier reader of our SAFEnet family of systems, features fully supervised four wire circuit for communication and power. Combined with the user selected features and cost savings intallation design of the ACT terminal, this communication format is a key asset to our system users.

Arming Control
ACT 5 and ACT 2005 arming control terminals provide opening and closing (arming/disarming) interfaces to areas controlled and monitored by an Ultrak/MDI SAFEnet system through and RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), a fully integrated alarm monitoring and access control panel. The ACT series of arming control terminals display keypad numbers on a LCD screen, horizontally, vertically, or in the unique ROTATIONAL PLUS mode, which provides a new numerical arrangement each time the system is accessed. Rotational Plus provides uniform key wear and avoids "second guess" attempts at entering controlled areas, while providing a high degree of protection against casual or intentional PIN code viewing.

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